10 ways to improve the effectiveness of push notifications


Here are 10 ways to improve the effectiveness of push notifications. For effective push notification, general information is not enough. Much better, if the notification explains the benefits, which the consumer will receive after clicking on the push message.

Ways to improve the effectiveness of push notifications.

#1 Text

The text of the message is without a doubt the most important condition, which affects the effectiveness of your push notifications. After all, it is necessary to include the text of no more than 120 characters that fully reflects the essence of the proposal or announcement.

#2 Content

If you do not want your message to be read and forgotten a minute later, make sure it contains a clear message to action and indicate the benefits that the consumer will gain by taking advantage of the offer.

#3 Notification time

The specificity of push notifications is such that the user is expected to respond at the same moment. Therefore, don’t forget that subscribers can be in different time zones and it is very important to observe the time frames.

#4 Frequency of mailings

Often, site owners lose subscribers themselves, not observing the measure when sending push notifications. The excessively frequent arrival of messages begins to cause irritation and leads to the rejection of mailing.

#5 Segmentation

For push notifications to work as efficiently as possible, one must not forget that each group of subscribers has their own predominant interests. Therefore, at the subscription stage, it is necessary to receive answers to several questions that will help determine the main directions.

#6 Offer to enable push notifications

Many users, installing the application, at once refuse to receive notifications. Work with them, offering to agree to a subscription, considering the advantages that they will receive as a result.

#7 A/B testing

There is also the ability to conduct A/B testing in the messages. This tool helps make the rating of the effectiveness of push notifications. Examine the various types of messages, types of wording, motivational slogans, etc.

#8 Trigger messages

The effective moment is the setting up and regular measurement of automatic distribution based on the results of the steps made by subscribers.

#9 Feedback

The mobile application allows you to receive the user’s response, so do not neglect the opportunity to directly learn from customers about their wishes and needs, without attracting expensive marketing research. The push advertising network will help create forms for feedback, fields for impressions about products, ask questions about new services, and the like.

#10 Keep track of not only the number of clicks

Evaluating the effectiveness of push notifications, many consider only the number of clicks that are generated as a result of the mailing. However, this indicator is not true enough because you need to consider many other factors.

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