Mega Millions is Available for Playing no Matter Where You Live with GoBigWin


Have you thought of winning a popular lottery? Now it’s easier than it was before. Start playing with It’s a service with online lottery tickets, tips, and guides for winning.

One of the oldest American lotteries is available as never before. If you live far away from the USA but want to try your luck in Mega Millions, it’s not a problem. A new service,, allows buying tickets online without limits and prohibitions based on the location.

How to buy a ticket?

First of all, let’s look at the steps for purchasing a ticket.
1. Open a page devoted Mega Millions lottery and read the rules.
2. Register to the website by giving your real personal data.
3. Buy a ticket and fill it in according to the rules.

After the money goes to the service, a special lottery agent will go to the real shop, stand in a queue and buy a ticket.

How to win?

If you’re lucky, the half of the problem is already solved. But how to increase the chance of winning? Read everything that’s written in an “Information” section. There are recommendations which will help to create a strategy of getting the biggest sum of money. Follow them when filling in the numbers.

Why is Gobigwin user-friendly?

The mentioned platform is all about users’ comfort. It saves your time and money because you need to make a few clicks and registration is free. Also, it allows winning a lot no matter where you live. Moreover, Mega Millions isn’t the only lottery. The service offers 16 of them so the choice is large.

Don’t waste your time and join the winners who hit the jackpot!

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