3 Tips Before You Start a Renovation – A Saving Time Guide


If you’re about to start renovating a flat, read this article first. We’ll give you some valuable tips which will save you time and money. We also recommend visiting interiorseye.com to get inspiration and find the ideas for your house.

Are you stressed when you just think about the future renovation? There’s a solution. Read this article to get some tips which will make your journey to new house easier.

Papers and plans

Before you start, create a plan of renovation. Decide, what you want to change, how many people you need for this, and how much time there’ll be spent on changing the way your house looks like. Also, try to write down all the possible expenses and calculate how much money you need for everything.

Take a leave

No matter where you work it’s better to take some days or months off to control the whole process. That’s why we recommend predicting everything before starting a renovation not to lose money, job and stay pleased with the result.

The idea is a key

Create a concept for your future house. Select interior design suitable for a chosen style. If you’re lost in a variety of variants, look at the Interiorseye. It’s a website which collects a numerous number of ideas and sorts them by style, materials, and types of rooms. It’s like Instagram or Pinterest but much better as it gives direct links to the online shop where you can buy all the furniture and accessories from the picture.

We hope, that you’ll use these recommendations before you throw away all the furniture and get rid of the old wallpaper. The renovation isn’t a spontaneous thing, it should be planned to prevent being disappointed.

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