Can I Divorce Without an Attorney in Texas?


In case both spouses wish to be divorced, there’s no necessity to hire a lawyer. You and the partner easily come to a compromise on all matters. This kind of dissolution is easier, faster, and, definitely, results in less stress since you are in unison on the ways of splitting the assets and kids. There’s obviously no place for third-party interference.

Follow the laws and rules and stay certain the thing goes smoothly. Firstly, be certain to fulfill the residency requirements. This law is applied to all states and the remaining process is similar. Take the Petition for Divorce (don’t forget to sign it), pay the fee, and deliver to the clerk’s office with the needed data. It’s extremely significant your spouse gets it, too. There are numerous options which you may study right there in the office but the popular ones are through the sheriff’s department or other servers. The clerk’s office must receive the proof it was delivered. Then they’ll set when your case is heard (no sooner than 2 months later). During it, the judge is going to review the given facts and ask some additional inquiries. The final decree has to get straight to the clerk’s office to be filed. You must collect 2 duplicates and keep 1 while delivering the 2nd to your ex-partner.

There are tons of details you’d better know but let’s discuss top 5. First of all, this process takes much time. It usually takes from 2 months to a year (sometimes even longer) to end this nightmare. Secondly, living apart or the so-called legal separation doesn’t exist here. All real estate or debt become common, so account for it to prevent any surprises. Another essential detail is a no-fault divorce. They are allowed but the judge is able to consider fault dividing the common belongings. The fourth fact everyone should be informed about is that here the dissolution is pretty troublesome. That’s why it goes down to lawyers fighting for their client’s share. It leads to fact No 5 that things tend to become expensive. On average, it costs between $15k to $30k. However, it’s typical of the cases where the people don’t have the same opinion and spend all this sum on attorneys.

When you wish to do it alone, go for it. If not, don’t tempt your luck and hire a pro.

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