The meaning and history of “Mutter” song by Rammstein


This German band is probably the only one that became world known without singing in English. Rammstein is a great band that has fans in many different countries. The song Mutter from the album with the same name is one of the hits.

Creation of “Mutter” song by Rammstein

Most often, critics see Rammstein’s protest against deep scientific research to lyrics. However, some journalists still do that. For example, one journalist seriously sets the idea that Mutter implied the history of Germany. And some fans see in the text links to the cult film “The Matrix”. Anyway, some sources say that Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe reflected in the song their childhood memories of difficult relationships with their mothers. The other idea is that the song tells about a child born not from the womb, but as a result of an experiment, and therefore does not have a real father and mother. Further, the connection with the “Frankenstein” Mary Shelley can drown. Download Rammstein and many other songs online.

However, none of the above versions has been fully confirmed by the members of the Rammstein. True, they reluctantly indulge in explaining the meaning of their compositions, saying that everyone is free to interpret them in his own way. But journalists and fans constantly ask them similar questions, which musicians have to somehow answer. First of all, it should be noted that both Lindemann and Kruspe call Mutter a fantasy that does not reflect any real events. Anyway, fans are free to have they opinions.

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