What lacked Anthony Yarde in battle vs Kovalev?


Sergei Kovalev won the severe bout against Anthony Yarde. That fight deserves to be his introduction to the boxing hall of fame. The Russian rightfully received the title of Honored Master of Sports after the fight.

The fight was tough and the victory was much more about the experience than power or weight of the opponents. In the eighth round, Kovalev practically did not give Yarde even a second of a break to catch his breath. An opponent seemed to be close to end the battle, but Sergey showed a brilliant skill and performance that decided the fate of the bout. In the 11th round, he basically executed Anthony.

The event held the box enthusiast and spectators in continuous stress to the very end, especially those who have bet on one of the rivals at https://bestsportsbetz.com/.

Experts say Yarde lacked experience in sparring. His lack of combat practice greatly facilitated the Kovalev’s task. After all, sparring is such an important element of training. Ask a hundred boxers, and everyone will say the same idea: you can’t achieve anything great without constant sparring practice.

The professionals have repeatedly pointed out this error. But both Yarde and his team disregarded those remarks and pieces of advice.

Yarde, his trainer, and promoter were self-confident and, perhaps, even were counting on a quick win. They wanted just to take the laurels and move on. But Yarde ran into Sergei Kovalev and his well-organized team.

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